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Who would be the big spoon?

Makoto is usually the big spoon since Haru wants to be enveloped in Makoto’s arms and warmth. Though, they have a seventy-thirty rule because Haru adores Makoto’s back and wants to snuggle against it before he sleeps. .

Who would wake up first?

Haru does. One reason: Bath. Though, weekends means Haru gets to wake up first to wake Makoto up with lazy kisses and assume the morning cuddles.

Do they have nicknames for each other?

It depends on how they are used. “Haru-chan~” would be used if Makoto is happy and feeling very adoring. “Haru-chan.” with a low tone would definitely mean a warning. “Haru-chan…” with another low tone and a growl or that look means Haru’s fucked up in bed.

That’s according to Haru’s hierarchy of nicknames by Makoto. Haru would just call Makoto Makoto most of the time. The only time he called him “Mako-chan” was when Makoto looked like he was about to cry while whining.

What happened when they met each other’s parents?

Both Haru and Makoto met their respective parents and had been in contact since childhood. Though, it differs when the topic is all about getting together in the future and Papa Nanase will definitely make Makoto swear minus a shotgun that he will make his only child happy.

How do they apologize after an argument?

They give each other space but the argument would be resolved in less than a day. Usually, Makoto would initiate contact first.

What would they be like as parents?

Makoto will definitely be the coddling mother but Haru will be doing most of the cooking. Though, if Makoto can’t get the child to stop crying, Haru would go to the rescue. So, let’s just say they do mom and dad works half and half.

Who is the better cook?

Haru. No questions. You can hear Makoto crying in the background and wailing sorry for burning the mackerel.

Who is more romantic?

Both. Since Makoto is very considerate and Haru is a thoughtful person, they know how to liven up each other’s day.

What sort of gifts do they get for each other?

Makoto would give something useful to Haru because he knows how practical he can be. Haru would alternate from giving cute things, to useful things, to plain doing something Makoto would not expect him to do but would still make him happy.

Who gets jealous easiest?

Haru does. He shows his emotion more openly but he won’t admit it so easily. Makoto would admit easily when provoked but won’t show his emotions to the public eye.

Who gets more excited for events e.g.. Birthdays, Christmas?

If cooking a full blown meal for the occasion, then Haru is definitely excited. If Makoto came home with assorted gifts which Haru deemed too much then it’s Makoto’s excitement getting the better of him.

Who is the most adventurous?

Neither. It depends on the mood since both of them are content with what they have.

Who is the most protective?

Either. When one of them is threatened, the other would come to their rescue.

What would they have been like as childhood sweethearts?

Everyone at school would be groaning to the innocent public display of affection and they were not even touching each other.

*BONUS: Song to sum them up?*

                  ” But I won’t hesitate. 

         No more, 

                        no more.

     It cannot wait,

                                           I’m yours! 

- I’m Yours by Jason Mraz

 Do I ship it?

 NOTP / Crack only / AU only / Not really / Maybe a little / Well now I do/ Yes/ Of course! / OTP / IT’S A NATURAL THING TO LOVE THESE TWO

Haru doesn’t have dreams…he has nightmares.


This was a two minute animation promo last spring and now it is an emotionally traumatizing epic about the pressure crushing today’s youth. 


Ok, ok, so I’ve never really written an analysis for a Free! episode but I feel like episode 9 really needed one. I was really broken by this episode.

First of all, idk if anyone mentioned this, I don’t think you guys realize how aware Haru is of other people’s feelings. You hear him repeating, “It’s nothing” like a broken record. He doesn’t want Makoto to worry about him (But on focusing this, he unintentionally causes more worry) because he doesn’t want Makoto to feel sad, he doesn’t like causing pain. (to the point where he quit swimming after he unintentionally hurt Rin)  Even in season 1, he didn’t speak of Rin to Makoto because he knew how sad it would make Makoto to hear of this so he bared the pain of loneliness and not being about to share his troubles and kept it to himself. This is one of the ways that he shares his love with Makoto and his friends. He would rather them not know and smile rather than get upset about something about Haru. It gets to a point where it was just normal, like I said a broken record, which is one of the reasons I feel like he has trouble talking about his feelings and being social with other people because he’s never really had any experience with it and unconsciously chose not to have that experience. He’s very careful with his words and tries his best to say the least possible in the possibility that it could hurt someone. When he does say something (and I mean actually talk talk), he speaks to encourage others and push them forward. Like how he spoke to Rei after Rei’s attempt of swimming all strokes or Makoto when the gentle giant was struggling to find an answer for Kisumi’s little brother.


ALSO for everyone mentioning how Rin feels like he is not included in that exclusive group of friends, I didn’t see it as that at all. Rin mentions to Makoto that if Haru doesn’t say something, Rin doesn’t know.

This is easily understandable because normal relationships rely on a healthy amount of communication between individuals. Even Makoto can’t be an exception to this rule. Granted he did sense that something was off, but the matter of the fact was that he didn’t know what it was. (Makoto is utterly shocked, confused, and heartbroken when he sees Haru stop swimming in the middle of the race and his outburst with Rin. Especially because he knows that above all swimming brings a sense of peace and joy that nothing else can to Haru. And he compassionately cares and loves so much for Haru that he just wants him to be happy.) And this stems back to Haru not wanting to elicit any sort of pain in others and would rather bear/shoulder everything by himself. So when Rin saw Haru have a meltdown, it was realization and utter sadness that he felt. He didn’t know what Haru was going through, he didn’t how he felt. And it took Haru have a mental breakdown to realize that. (As most of you know, Haru really isn’t one to get angry and throw outbursts)

I also don’t think Rin realizes it himself but he really idealizes Haru in the sense that Haru is strong, Haru is the one that saved him, Haru’s swimming is one of the best, etc. And therefore assumes that Haru is strong enough to figure things out by himself. I think it’s one of the reasons why he can’t read Haru like Makoto can. That’s why he doesn’t ask Haru anything, aside from if he’s chosen a decision yet.



I also really sympathize with Rin as well. He is trying to think of the best for Haru because he sees a lot of potential that he doesn’t want to see go to waste and deeply cares for Haru BUT Rin also has a selfish strong desire to continue swimming with Haru (because that is one of his joys) and unconsciously reinforces this in his argument.

This is akin to parents setting up futures for their kids because they want the best for their kids and are happy to see them succeed even though that kind of success might not bring them happiness (but of course this last thought is usually covered by the two before it) and are very frustrated when things aren’t going according to their plan. Rin is more aggressive in nature than passive and therefore comes off as aggressive when he’s just desperately trying to keep Haru and see him succeed. Like I mentioned earlier, Rin didn’t know how Haru felt about anything. I’m really really sure that if he knew about Haru’s inner struggles, he would not push anything on him and try his best to help. Above all, he wants to see Haru happy. He thinks swimming is correlated to happiness for Haru and starts to make assumptions that that simple idea can also include being scouted and swimming for competitions because Haru will still be swimming (along with friends) and that’s why he’s arguing for the things he is. Rin is not a bad person. He is just human and trying to be a friend.

I found myself similar to Haru in so many ways: shouldering things by yourself, suffocating from the expectations of others, no longer finding joy in something because of x and y, etc. At some though, everything gets too much and it gets to a point where things are starting to crack in places that you don’t want them to and you force glue them together, not even trying to consider that the pieces don’t fit together anymore because you’re desperately just trying to be whole. And then everything hits you in a giant tsunami and you drown. Haru just stopped swimming in the middle of regionals because he decided that if he couldn’t be free, he didn’t want to swim anymore. He didn’t want something he loved so much to be tainted. He didn’t want to doubt what swimming meant for him anymore.

Also, I really want to emphasize that I feel like Haru has been really pushed by the expectations of other people. In that nightmare he has, he sees that other people, even his friends, are so proud of his swimming, his swimming is so beautiful, his swimming is the best, his swimming is so so fast and it comes to the point where it’s not even about swimming for the sake of his enjoyment anymore, it’s not about swimming to be free because as much as it doesn’t seem like it, Haru does like to appease people (as opposed to making them upset for comparison) because he’s really sensitive about hurting people. But it gets too much for him and he just throws all that away and just decides to swim exclusively for himself and his friends.

Keep in mind that Haru is also really really lost and confused. He’s a pretty static person in the perspective that he doesn’t like change. He didn’t mind being the quiet one who wasn’t looked at too much and in fact liked his quiet life but now he’s bombarded by the attention of many many people. Attention and expectations and everything that he’s never been used to and on top of that, the idea of a future (of having to change) is pressing down on him really hard. The future is an concept that brings too much change to Haru. He’s gonna have to leave his hometown, leave his school, not see Nagisa or Rei (and possibly Makoto) every day, his routine he’s been following his whole life will be gone for a new one which is why he is vehemently adamant about the future.

Sorry for the long ass rant. I had too many feels about this.


Have anybody else notice that he is using THE T-shirt?!


Have anybody else notice that he is using THE T-shirt?!


Can i just mention how awesome and handsome Haru is when he’s mad ? image

And when he said that he’ll swim with his friends

dem Makoto feels dude ;__;

I had to.


Episode 9 broke me so much I had to write this. And I can’t write to save my life, so you guys are just gonna have to deal with it.

Did anything even matter anymore?

I looked up at the ceiling, the noise from the crowd sounding distant, so so far away.

I didn’t care. I didn’t care as I heard the disbelief from the crowds in the stand. I didn’t care as I heard the splashing of water as the others swam to the finish. I didn’t care even when the soft beep reached my ears, signalling the ending of the race.

I didn’t care. Not one, single bit.

The water - I couldn’t feel it. It wasn’t welcoming like normal. I had to resist it, force my arms and legs to propel through the water that usually flowed through so easily…

I wasn’t free.

I remembered the scouts - the important looking men with their smiles and their expectant eyes. “We’ll be expecting so much from you!” They had said. “I believe that you’re talent is infinite.” They had said.

I looked back down at the water. My reflection was wavering in front of me, and I closed my eyes. I only swam for myself. I swam for Makoto, Nagisa and Rei.
I didn’t swim for results. I didn’t swim to impress.
I swam to be free.

Why can I never be free?

I opened my eyes, and forced my legs to move. One step, two steps - I forced myself to walk to the other end of the pool, dragging my feet through the water.

"Haru!" I heard a voice, the same, familiar voice as always. Looking up, I saw Makoto - bent over at the end of my lane with his hands on his knees, ready to reach out towards me.
But his usual bright smile, the happy twinkling in his eyes weren’t there.

Instead there was worry.

I dropped my gaze, and looked at the me reflected in the water, staring back. What was I doing?

I felt lost, so lost. It was like my life was a huge, dark ocean, and I was standing there, not knowing where to go, even as I drowned.


Makoto’s voice bought me back. I made myself push through the water to the end; to where I knew I would always belong.

I slowed down when I got to the end, and looked up at him. His expression was worried but gentle as always, his arm outstretched towards me. Gritting my teeth, I looked down. My eyes were burning, and two searing drops of water fell into the pool, shattering the calm surface.

"Haru?" I heard his voice, and looked back up. He had his head tilted sideways, and his eyes searched deep info mine. Reaching for his hand, I wondered how someone could care about me so much, when I hadn’t done a single thing for him.

I didn’t deserve him.

Our hands grasped each other and he heaved me up onto the edge of the pool. And even before I could fully stand up, his body had engulfed my own. His embrace was gentle, kind, but it was the safest place in the world.

"Haru. Haru." He repeated, over and over again, and I could feel his face burying into the side of my neck. I could feel his clothes drying the water off me, and his warmth seeped into my cold skin.

"Why didn’t you tell me?" Makoto breathed, his arms tightening around my body as though he was trying to keep me from falling apart. I closed my eyes, and stayed silent. I didn’t trust myself to speak right now.

More tears joined the first one, and I hoped that they simply looked like drops of water from the pool falling down my cheeks.

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